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THIS BOOK IS STRICTLY FOR THE SEASONED, MATURE, ADULT READER-contains language, sexual situations & subject matter absolutely not appropriate for underage readers or conservative tastes*

Angie Situation (INNOCENCE)  





"Sun up, mom gone to work, brothers still asleep and me: lying there having barely opened my eyes-the doorbell rang. On the other side of it stood my TGGF, dressed, hair combed and a slight frown in her brow, looking as if we had made plans for the morning and inconsiderate-me, rudely overslept.

“Uh hey, what’s up?” I asked, while cleaning out eye-boogers, lips swollen and face with that morning shine on it.

“Nothing, what are you doing?” she asked, sounding as if it was a “kinda” emergency, but feeling awkward for showing up at my door before 9am-fully dressed and with a disposition as if she had tossed and turned with me on her mind all night. 

"Well, I was still asleep and my brothers are still asleep upstairs and all,” I offered.

“Well, I was just making sure you weren’t doing anything for the day so we could hang out all day and whatnot. School is starting back up in a couple days and all…” she said-not completing her sentence.

"Oh. Okay, that’s cool. My lil’ summer is over with. I don’t have anything to do today. When I get dressed, I’ll be out-probably… around 12p okay?” I told her.

"Okay, that’s cool. So I’ll see you around 12p alright?” she verified.

“Sure, I’ll see you around 12p,” I confirmed.

I went back up the stairs and back into my bedroom to try and get a little shut eye at least for the next couple of hours. Later into the morning when I got dressed, I walked over to Leroy’s to grab for my TGGF; all her favorite goodies and a juice drink before reporting over to her house at 12p.

No one was sitting on any porches around the basement apartment where she lived, so since it was wide-open, day-light and person-free; I could clearly observe the black railing over top my TGGF’s basement apartment. For some odd reason, after all these years since Twin had Cable Boy wrapped around the railing; I stopped and took a moment to observe the deadly distance from that railing-down to the large rock-tiled bottom walkway that led to my TGGF’s father’s front door. The protruding cemented walls resembled a dungeon, ironically. I don’t think my brother noticed the deadly distance either-he was just a madman that day. Anyone who would fall from that distance most probably would not live.

“Wow, scary thought. That could have been the scene of a crime had my TGGF’s dad not come to the top of the stairs to save [Cable Boy] from Twin’s angry stranglehold,” I said to myself.

When I walked through the dungeon and approached the door with my hands behind my back, clinching the brown paper bag, before I could even knock; the door squeaked and swung right open like a scene of a horror movie. TGGF took a seat right back down at the dinner table and gave me a “somewhat” kind of smile-not wanting to give up too much of a smile at all. She was still feeling about one month’s mad at me I guessed, but she changed her mind when I took my hands from behind my back and showed her the brown bag that I was hiding behind it.

She grabbed it out of my hands and started giggling-sitting there with a blushing and embarrassed smile, nose squinted like Ms. Celie sitting on the bed after Shug Avery gave her a kiss.

The moment she put one of the Jungle Jollies in her mouth and after savoring the flavor, she removed her smiled. She still wanted to withhold it from me. Standing right over me and looking down at me with her two fingers pointed toward my face, she asked: “What was up with last night? Why didn’t you just pack yourself up and prepare to leave and go home when you saw that I had to go in the house?”

"I didn’t stay long, not real long,” I replied.

“Mmm Hmm,” she said, looking as if she saw the whole thing that went down. 

She paused and put her thinking cap on, looking like she was planning something.

“Who’s at your house?” she asked.

“My two older brothers are gone to work and Twin is gone out in the wind some doggone where,” I replied.

“Well, Twin pretty much stays gone until he retires for the night doesn’t he?” she asked.

“Yeah, he does. Once he leaves the house, he’s gone like he works two or three jobs!” I laughed.

She somewhat smiled at me and kept staring at me for an awkwardly long time:

“Let’s go to your house for a second,” she said, looking like she had something up her sleeve.

“Well…Okay,” I replied-having just left from home a little less than an hour ago. 

Still standing there, her awkward stare was replaced by a devious look on her face as she opened the bag of Jungle Jollies without looking down at it-still looking around my face and cooking up something in that awkward mind of hers. She placed a Jungle Jolly in her mouth. We then we began to walk out of her house, through the dungeon, turned left, then down the hill toward my house.

When we arrived at my house, I was walking up the steps in front of her. She made her way up the steps by stepping both her feet onto each step-slowly, still looking like she was up to something. She was almost playful.

When we got inside the house, she sat on the couch, crossed one leg on top of her knee and sat back as if she was about to start a serious conversation. I sat down, then stood up to go over and turn on the television. She grabbed my hand with one of her hands and with the other; frowned and shook finger then said: “Noooo.”

"Why not?” I asked.

“Because, I just want to sit here for a second-what’s wrong, you scared of silence!?” she sarcastically asserted and hit me in my forehead-affectionately. 

She kept staring at me and while doing so; reached over and grabbed my hand. She then lay the back of her head on the couch and smiled at me-softly.

“Are you still mad at me?” I asked.

“I’m going to always be mad at you. I stay mad at you-that’s just how it is,” she replied.

“What! How is that? Why is that?” I asked.

“Because, as long as I stay mad at you, then next time I see you-you’ll know how to act because you’ll already know that I’m already mad at you-keep you in check!” she laughed-putting those same two fingers in my face. 

I rolled my eyes and lay my head back on the couch next to hers. 

She moved closer to me as if she was stealing a moment, and then got up on me and kissed me. 

She then started giving me gentle kisses all around my face while I lay my head on the back of the couch; exposing my neck and shoulders. She began to move her soft full lips down to my neck and sinking her teeth in to both my shoulders and neck-passionately. 

As she got more comfortable, she climbed on top of me and stretched my arms out.

With my head and neck still resting on the back of the couch, she began to kiss all over my face and sink her teeth into my neck, shoulders and arms-wildly this time; breathing hard, biting her lips-aroused and frowning. I was shaking so badly. It was feeling so good.

We’re teens now-still loving all on one another since third-grade. She and I had been so used to hiding from the world and being balled up in a closet, or behind a couch kissing and grinding one another until we were drenched in sweat with sore pubes. We never got a chance to be in a wide open space in this way. This was new to us. It was amazing. I was so aroused and hot. I loved it. She loved it. She began purring like she wanted to cry and I was shaking from limb to limb. The feeling was incredible. I had been longing to be felt up like that for a while, I wanted to just piss my pants.

She then lifted my shirt, unsnapped my bra, grabbed my breasts and moaned out into the air like she was howling as she caressed them. My feet were curling and my hands were balling up. My heart had fallen down to my pussy and I let out a loud: “hellllpppp meee ahh!” She was going crazy all over me. Nobody was there to help me-but the one who was making me feel so good.

Every part of my body was jumping, and I could feel every part of hers jumping onto mine.

She then grabbed both of my breasts and held them together-trying hard to suck both of my nipples at the same time. The more my nipples grew longer and more erect, the more she kept yelling out as if her own heart fell to her pussy too. She was so aroused that she would occasionally arch her back and bend her body back as if she was being struck in the back while she was yelling out. She was animalistically aroused. I understood. I knew all too well how it was to play out a mission in your head then execute it, or have it right in your presence-accessible for you to complete it.

She was taking this moment all in-savoring it. She paused, and close her eyes-tightly-then folded her lips and bit into them. I could tell that her pussy was thumping. I wanted to grab it so badly and go crazy with her lips and clit, but she never liked for me to touch her like that, caress her like how she would caress me, or kiss her breasts like she would do mine-ever.

“Oh Angie, Oh Angie, Oh Angie, let me stretch you out on the bed so I can get you! Come on-please-come on, right now!” she asked-desperately.

We had never been unfolded and able to be passionate with one another out in such a wide-open space, so the atmosphere added to the excitement that we both were feeling. I was ready to just let her have her complete way with me.

Protectively, I stood up and grabbed her hand as if she was somehow going to get lost into the thin air on route to my bedroom. She sat me on the bed, kneeled beneath me and grabbed at the sides of my shorts while biting the top of my thighs like she was hungry for me. It was turning me on so badly. She then pushed me up on the bed to undress me while she undressed herself as I helped her. We were everywhere all over one another.

Ever since third-grade and up to this very day, our usual routine was to: kiss, allow her to caress my breasts and grind-for hours. This time, her touch felt different. She had a lot of tension in her mind and body. She let herself go. It was wonderful, I loved her this way.

With my heart beating madly inside of my pussy, I practically growled at her-begging her to grab it: “Grab it! Grab it with both hands and shake it hardddd please! uhhhhhh!” I yelled out.

Even despite our private moments and unbeknownst to her-I had a thing for having my legs wide-open and having my pussy grabbed, shaken and handled aggressively, and I knew that if anyone would do it for me, it would be her.

A thousand times in my mind while masturbating, and on my “to do” list (as written in my little red diary); I had sucked the life out of her pussy and she sucked mine twice as senseless. With the way we were at this moment, I was hoping that all this would finally happen between us. I needed to get this off and out of me so badly. It was so agonizing to me because I knew that if she would never let me touch her with my hands-sucking her pussy would probably be out of the question. Quite frankly, I never knew if she knew anything about sucking pussy, because we never talked about those things, we would just get together and do what we routinely did-all above the waist.

She had been straddled over me-laying there going crazy from my neck, shoulders, breasts and stomach. I wanted her down on my pussy soooooooo bad. All I could imagine was her dropping down on me, aggressively chewing, gnawing, sucking and pulling; trying to put my entire pussy and clit in her mouth while I’d scream bloody murder. Instead, she gently crawled down slowly-as her tongue traced my stomach. Then by surprise and on her own time-she grabbed my entire pussy in both her hands and began grabbing and shaking it like I asked her. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” I yelled out. This time my back was arched and enjoying that shit. The pleasure drove me wild.

She then took those two fingers that she had been pointing in my face today and began playing with my swollen clit with them. I was crazy-shaking wildly. Then all of a sudden, she yelled as if she was about to ask me a question: “Angie-let meeeee!” …and started inserting one of those two fingers inside of me. 

I jumped.

She snatched back and yelled out in surprise as if she had been busted from trying to do something that she had no business doing:  “Oh my goodness!” she gasped.

“What?” I asked.

She then crawled up to me with those long legs of hers and put her face in my neck-whispering stuff that I could barely understand-like she was speaking a different language. She was so excited. 

“What?” I whispered back. 

“Shhh” she pressed her body into mine to gesture-as if I was breaking her concentration.

She kept her hands in my crotch while grabbing and shaking my pussy, aroused and gurgling into my neck while I opened my legs wider. I started thrusting my pussy upwards to give her full access to it without having to reach down uncomfortably. She began to manipulate my clit with those two fingers again. This time, it was so wild and non-stop that I was sure her hands had to have been tired-my clit was loving it. She would not stop. The pleasure was unbelievable to a point where at times, I would lay there with my mouth wide-open; in complete shock at how good it felt to me. She was making me moan and sing out in a gyrating and riffing manner that matched the motion of what she was doing to my pussy. She was biting down on her teeth; grunting some language in my ear as if while she was driving my pussy wild, she was driving hers wild as well. She was aroused to the point that, whatever she was doing to me-that made me feel good-she could feel it too. That made me crazier. I then opened my left and right legs; making them both hang off the twin size bed. I then reached down with her to push and knead the top of my pussy and screaming out. Everything was driving me crazy.

"Damnnnnnn” she said.

“What?” I asked gently.

“You-you got your pussy open for me. Oh so beautiful. Angie-ooh. Oh. Ooh. Mine,” she kept saying over and over. 

She then grabbed my swollen clit and pulled it; shaking it while I yelled out-about to burst.

She knew my body was telling her that I wanted something different. She nervously moaned out and went for it. She quickly slid both of those fingers deep inside of me and let out a quick yell-as if it frightened her. She started to thrust her body into her hand with her fingers inside of me; moaning out my name as if it was me who was breaking her in. She was aroused, excited and nervous-all at the same time. I was cumming so hard in her hands while her thumb was manipulating my slippery clit.

Tears were rolling down my face, which to her, probably looked as if I was in pain because I was panting out loudly and cumming decibels-until the sound of my voice completely disappeared. I must have sounded like Prince at the end of “Darling Nikki,” I didn’t care. I was with someone who knew and loved me.

She was watching me while I was trying to regain my focus-fully.

As if she was sneaking, she kept looking at my pussy and my face back and forth; trying to figure out what was going on with it and me, while at the same time; those two fingers were still inside of me. She held them there as if she was supposed to hold them there until I told her to pull them out of me.

I lay there and slowly relaxed my legs, closing them some-trying to give her a cue that it was okay to pull out. She was busy staring at my pussy-admiring my swollen and exposed clit with those two fingers still down there. She slowly pulled them out of me and laid her body on top of my body-wrapping one hand around my neck.

She brought her two fingers toward me so that together, we could both look at them. I focused in:

“What?” I giggled. 

“My fingers are wrinkled. Why was it wet like that?” she asked, with her nose squinted.

“Well, I mean you where down there for a while-I don’t know,” I replied. 

“Oh. Boo…” she placed gentle kisses all over my face and neck-feeling happy about what just happened.

“That was wonderful, so, so wonderful,” she whispered.

I paused for a second then asked her: “Soooo are you still mad at me?” I giggled.

She lifted her face from out of my neck and looked me in the face. She dug her knees into my bed, took both of her hands and grabbed my pussy as if she was snatching me up by the collar. She then said to me: “I told you that I’m always going to be mad at you girl!”

“Owwww,” I yelled out loud as if she was hurting me.  She rolled onto the side of me and sat up on her side, supporting her head with her right hand as she traced my body and face with her fingers.

“So. That dude that everybody’s crushing on-including you,” she emphasized.

“What was up with that last night?” she asked. 

“I don’t know why you keep playing. You like him too!” I accused her-laughing.

“You were pissed off that you had to go in the house!” I laughed out loud.

She then pointed those two fingers in my face like Celie pointed in Misters face and said: “everything you done- done, done already been done to you..”

The laughter subsided.

“What do you like about him?” she asked.

“I mean. I think he’s cute. You know, sometimes I feel like I want a guy to have sex with me…stick it in…kiss it and stuff. I think about that sometimes.” I said, immaturely.

She paused with a look on her face as if she was trying to picture what I had just said.

“I know, but, I stuck it in-my fingers,” she offered. 

“I know. It felt funny too!” I laughed and said with my nose squinted.

“Has anybody else ever stuck it in? Be honest.” she asked.

“Never,” I replied.

“If a guy does it (sticks it in) he can get you pregnant,” she said-immaturely.

Long pause.


“Angie. I saw what happened last night. I watched it through the crack of the curtain in the window…” she admitted.

I didn’t respond-I didn’t know what to say. 

She then asserted: “I think you think you like men, but you like women. I think your place is with a woman. You like it too much.”

“Yeah? You think? I haven’t been with any guys yet, so, how can you say that?” I replied.

“Well you almost did last night. But you didn’t like it as much as you liked what just happened,” she challenged.


Long awkward silence in the room.

We then got up, washed up, got dressed and hung out for the day as if we were just two cool friends-and we were-but just a little more than that."