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Nah...In hiding ‘cause of the H ouse I n V irgina+ PatriciaForColoredGirlsOnly true-to-life-itis…and [quote] “Hating everything and everybody” [unquote].

There’s no reckoning, caring, or loyalty you can offer when evil insists on doing and being evil. Being empathetic and under the clutches of somebody who feels like they have nothing else to live for…no matter how much you care, they will kill you everyday…even when they know you care, and mean them well…

It is what it is, as sure as it is what it does, and as sure as it has what it has……………

Talk about a post game being as expensive as a…Nipplegate ad… This punt cost me 28.5 mill from will a.d. (after death) so, know it was well-deserved and gone into overtime-earned.

…Don’t know the half…and the things endured…Can’t even mutherfucking fathom it… I assure you.

At any……………rate.

There’s a motto that I swear by. It’s my strength and courage from fear and desperation. Unlike the weak will of the many, it’s kept me from doing any thing for something that when alls said and done, beknownst to you; the intent was begin-bad anyways, so it ends up being worse than nothing (anyway).

This motto…you have to be great, and know your greatness to live it-that way, you can sit back in a special kind of peace and watch others lose their soul, dignity, self, and life, scrapping for it…

                            That motto is: “You can’t miss what you never had.”

My mother told that to me.

Of all her idioms and quotes and sayings, that was one of the best lessons she ever taught me-for years before I could even understand what it meant in life--until I got out here in this world and began living it.

I firmly believe that motto with everything…it's how I keep my peace and pace in life.

There’s no price that could replace or substitute the pain, hurt, or stories I really could tell...

My spirit speaks to me and no matter who you are or what you have (or have for me)…my spirit will pat your ass down like it’s got a spiritual search warrant.

Just glad I friend-zoned that end-zone and dodged that bullet: several times...

Good luck to yous-the ones that didn’t…Yes, of course if I know this, if I know that… Never your worry though, this isn’t about you, at all. This is rhetorical and isn’t about [or for you-reading it]. It’s a “writing”--date stamped and merely a truth about lessons and consequences for presumptuousness, blatant disrespect…and consequences as a result of.

It's not about what you think, believe or feel. I'm so far beyond, past, and over caring about that with regard to this or her. This isn't to solicit a thought, feeling or emotion from you-at all. It's an only recourse from my stance and how, and where I stand-with what I'm up against. So with all due respect, what YOU think, feel, or believe-either way-I don't even care. Again, it isn't even about you. As far as I'm concerned "Damn. I just read something" and a shoulder shrug...is all I see. 

It’s complicated. It just is.


With what I could say...what I've endured...the torture I've suffered...the unfathomable & unbelievable things that's happened-that I could tell...

If you endured what I endured, I promise you would be asking for giveness to God and wish nothing but death on her via praising her current situation as "karma"...

But what you DON'T know, is that in mind, body & spirit, she's already walking dead and has been for a few years now and her life-sucking, earth-disturbing, misery need company.

I only wish her one thing: "help" (mind, body, and for that thing any other human being would call a "soul").

Cancel the prayer, she aint thinking about no "God." He failed her as far as she's concerned. And anything within her reach has to live the private hell she's living--as far as she's concerned.

Carry on.