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I write this book to you for this reason:

With countless conversations I’ve had with men and women over the years, I’ve always wanted to write a book about sex and intimacy-because both are big necessities for us, as human beings, as is our relationship and connection to other human beings.

Over the years and in countless conversations, I’ve found that true sexual intimacy was rare, if ever, there.

Where sex and intimacy are concerned, I’ve found that differentiating the two can be confusing for some people, just like differentiating what love from infatuation is-and what love from lust is.

While gathering the thoughts in my head after these conversations; I decided that “sexual intimacy” between people, is a little-bit like “love.” A person can only love to the capacity for which they know “love.” Therefore, they can only give and receive love to the extent for which they know how to give love and receive that love.

The same is true for sexual intimacy, except that sexual intimacy is confused and misconstrued because we can all agree that sex-itself is an intimate act. And we equate “intimacy” with “love.” But the fact is that all people who love and are “in love,” aren’t creating sexual intimacy and sexual intimacy doesn’t have to be created amongst two people who are necessarily “in love” either.

Sexual intimacy is created by merely understand the mental, emotional and spiritual goings on, behind the act itself-the spoken and the unspoken-the action and the reaction.

I am a people, nature and animal watcher. I love nature and human behavior-no matter the subject.

Subjects about sex and all its many subcategories are all one thing to me. I don’t cringe at one and shun the other and judge the third. I never curled my face in ways that I’ve seen people do about the taboo and risqué, even when I was younger.

Before I could fully understand it, I had always been overly curious about us as sexual beings-and wondered about the things that we do not talk about-how they are “done-about.”

Since early in life, I’ve always been that “girl’s” girl.
That friend of all my girlfriend’s friends that whenever there was a question, concern, or issue about: menstruation, sex, boys, and matters of the heart, goals, dreams-you name it; I was always the go-to girl. It was just my “thing”-my role in those departments.

Generally speaking, about everything in life, I’m curious about how they work and what makes something work with something else [that brings that something else] into existence and gives it “love” and life.

Sex, and intimacy is something that I’ve always loved and remain curious about-feeling the need to dissect every aspect of it, from the mental to the spiritual to the physical aspect of; how it is apart of us, how we can connect with it and then create it.

So, as natural as sex and intimacy are to me, I wanted to write my book the very same way.

I did not want to write about “safe” subject matter-dressing up and sugarcoating real and tangible issues and curiosities that I know men and women really have and want other points of view on (outside of the traditional).

Sex and intimacy are private and personal matters, so usually, most questions and concerns remain only in our heads.

I write this book to you-for you-to get into your head about it.

That being said, I also made sure to put my psych education scientific mentality aside.
I made sure to approach this book, for you, from a natural, intuitive and spiritual perspective, versus that text-book safe, trite perspective that has a tendency to leave readers with nothing worth retaining-and nothing that stuck out to you that empowered you or encouraged you to consider putting to use.

In communicating my take on sex and intimacy, I didn’t want obscurity and layers of mystery and coyness; conveying evasive and safe rhetoric for my readers.

I am a reader myself, and I know how it is to be eager to pick up a book about sex and intimacy, then read it and having retained nothing more than what I knew before (because of it being so “text-book safe” and traditional).

I refused to write this book that way. And in order to do so, I had to come out of my shell, reveal some of my secrets and allow you into my head-share the same conversation with you that I have with my close friends about.

So, let’s talk about sex. I mean really talk about sex.

The funny thing about us as sexual beings is that as much as we like and love sex, we do not talk about what we really want (or want to know about it), we whisper and mostly wonder about it.

This book is dedicated to all adult-minded individuals who want to voyeur inside the bedroom of another’s mind while having questions in your own head-wondering if your are pleasing your lover, and taking the time to please yourself and Doing It! (right).

Many of the questions, concerns, and desires that we have, tend to be constant conversations that remain only in our heads or perhaps may come up as we share dialogue with our peers-rather than with whom it should concern.
Hopefully, what I discuss in the book will stimulate that conversation in your head and while from afar, and as you read what I say, we are somewhere in this universe telepathically sharing: sharing tangible and practical dialogue while giving you “Mind-Blowing Sex Tips That You Will Never Forget.”

I feel confident in saying that by the end of this book, it will add spice to your sex-life: intimately, infinitely.

Enjoy your journey.
With love,


This book is about all the informalities; uncovering mysteries behind sexual techniques and how to love yourself and your lover intimately.

Page by page, you will learn what the spiritual and mental connection to the intimate act itself is, when shared with one other human being.

There are no mentions whatsoever, about: group-sex, porn or threesomes and such.

The purpose of this book is to teach you techniques about how to have intimate sex (which is a far cry from the act of merely “having sex,”) and definitely the antithesis of aggressive sex and “fucking.”

In order to be able to fully understand sensuality and intimate sex, you first have to trust the try with yourself (and enjoy it). That is why I begin the book with elaborate tips on how to masturbate yourself and how to masturbate your partner.

I then move on to give you tips about how to give your partner the ultimate experience of truly intimate oral-sex (and then from there-I get into actual sexual intercourse tips on how to have intimate sex between with one another).

As diverse writer who’s human in the most natural sense of the word-and sexual being who happens to be an intimacy enthusiast slash closet sensualist; I find that there is a difference between making love, having sex, and “fucking.” None of which, has anything to do with having intimate sex.

Intimate (masturbation, oral and intercourse) goes a little deeper into the mind. It then connects the body with the self or with one other human being, which is a combination of using your mind with your body, or your mind-for their body.

During countless conversations I’ve had with married persons, though they may be having sex and making love; the intimacy during sex was not there. Many of them had no clue about their partner’s bodies in ways outside of a kiss, a touch and entry.

In intimate sex, you are having sex at a pace and with the kind of vulnerability where two people trust one another enough to release their inhibitions and take their time give their lover thorough foreplay and generous deep, motion rather than the swift and selfish (so as to get to know and share their lover’s body and intimate sexual response).

Although I am a cheerleader for monogamous relationships and marriage, think of this book like a sandwich with the “meat” in between. Its content is the meat-not the top or bottom piece of bread.

I do not write about the sexual subjects in this book being specifically being geared for married or monogamous couples (regardless your sexual preference), because the reality is, people do things mentioned throughout this book without being married or in monogamous relationships.

I am not suggesting that if you are not steady with your significant other, these techniques can’t be put to use. I am a monogamous-minded spirit-naturally, but despite my delivery; I am not forcing that upon you.

All things considered, do understand that this book is not written to promote promiscuity in any way, shape or form. It is written specifically to adults and foradults whom I assume have made their own decision about what kind of relation they are involved in.

Bread: You.
Meat: Me.
Book: about sex, sexual techniques & intimacy-period.

Written with the sincerest intention of talking openly about sex, while providing you with unabashed and uninhibited examples of intimate sexual techniques that I guarantee will give you mind-blowing sex tips you will never forget.

No matter what I write about, I only write what I know about, experience, observe or enjoy.
I write about what makes me thrive during heartfelt, sincere reciprocated conversation.

The subject matters in this book are examples of such things.
All the above mentioned is what I disclaim, now is the time for the “meat” and the pro-claim.

So whether you like it raw, med-well or both; I guarantee you that by the end of this book, you will indeed be: well-done…